Presenting the free SeoStack Chrome extension for keyword research

By | December 31, 2015

SeoStack Keyword Tool – Chrome extension

Hello everybody, we are happy to announce the release of SeoStack chrome extension that you can use for keyword research, absolutely free.

Here is the link to download

Seostack keyword tool Chrome extension

Seostack keyword tool Chrome extension


The free chrome extension can do the following things –

1. Get keyword suggestions from Google
2. Get keyword suggestions from Youtube
3. Export keywords as csv

How it works

The extension installs inside chrome and shows a button on the toolbar. Clicking the toolbar button would open a separate page with the keyword tool. Simply type in the seed keyword in the left box and click start.

The table on the right would start filling up with keywords. The keywords are fetched directly from Google and Youtube.

And its absolutely free to use

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