Find low competition, long tail keywords in minutes


SeoStack is a powerful keyword research tool, that gathers keyword data from multiple different sources and lets you analyse them and pick out the ones that are most relevant and valuable to your niche or market.

Generate Keyword Ideas

Generate keyword ideas from one seed keyword using Google Keyword Planner. Specify multiple seed keywords to generate more ideas.

Generate Keyword Suggestions

Generate keyword suggestions from different sources like Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay.

Related Keyword Searches

Generate related keyword search phrases from google and bing

SEO Metrics

Fetch SEO metrics from google like allintitle, allinurl and exact match search counts to analyse keyword Competitiveness.

Analyse Competitors

Analyse the top 10 competitors on google for any given keyword using metrics like Backlink count, page rank, social shares on facebook, twitter and google plus.

Rank Tracker

Track site ranking for list of keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Find long tail keywords

Whether you are building a blog, a product website, or an affiliate website, you need to rank your website and generate organic traffic. With long tail keywords you can write content that will get search traffic faster and easier.

SeoStack makes the process of finding long tail keywords very very easy. It gets you keywords from multiple sources. These include:

  • 1. Keyword Ideas Google keyword planner
  • 2. Related keyword searches from Google Bing
  • 3. Keyword suggestions from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon and Ebay

By fetching keywords from multiple sources, you are able to access and find the best and most effective keywords for your content.

1. Get Keyword Ideas

Generate upto 800 keyword ideas for a single seed keyword. SeoStack gets keyword ideas from Keyword Planner and puts them into an easy to use data table. Generate keyword ideas for multiple seed keywords.

2. Get Keyword Suggestions

Keyword suggestions are a great source of long tail keywords. Find keywords that Keyword Planner does not show. SeoStack can fetch keyword suggestions from the following search engines –

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
All in one place. Further you can save the keywords and get search volume data using keyword planner.

3. Get Related Keyword Searches

Related keywords are those keywords that show at the bottom of search result pages. These are related to the original search term and help you discover more keywords. SeoStack can fetch related keywords from Google and Bing. Enter multiple search terms at once and get upto 8 related keywords for each term. This way you get lots and lots of long tail keywords. Enjoy!!

4. Analyse, filter, sort keywords

SeoStack makes analysing keywords easy. Save keywords to a list. Fetch seo metrics like allintitle, allinurl. Filter and Sort Data. Get Keyword Competitiveness numbers. Select the least competitive keyword. Features include –

  • Save keywords to separate lists
  • Filter keywords with multiple criterias
  • Mark keywords as favotires
  • Fetch SEO metrics like allintitle, allinurl and exact match result count
  • Get keyword competitiveness number
  • Export keywords to CSV file
  • Add your own keywords and fetch search volume + cpc data

5. Analyse keyword competition in great detail

Analysing the competition level of a keyword takes time. SeoStack makes the job easier, by analysing the top 10 competitors on Google using multiple metrics. These include – Backlinks Domain Authority Page Authority Onpage optimization factors like title and meta description After analyzing the keyword, SeoStack gives you a single number that measures the keyword competitiveness and tells you whether it would easy or difficult to rank for that keyword. So now you can find low competition keywords quickly and easily. Put your keyword in the competition analyzer and see the keyword competition score.

Find keywords that no one else knows about

Most users start with Google Keyword Planner which shows all of them the same keywords. Another drawback is that the keyword planner does not show the most recent keywords that users are actively searching in. The solution is to use keyword planner in combination with keyword suggestions and related keyword searches. Find the hidden keywords that no one else knows about. SeoStack has all the tools in one place 1. Get the most uptodate keyword data directly from search engines 2. Get data from all sources in one place. Save time

System Requirements

System Requirements SeoStack is a Windows only tool. It has been tested to work on the following windows versions 1. Windows XP SP3 2. Windows 7 3. Windows 8 It should run on Windows Vista, Windows 10 as well. Minimum Hardware requirements 1. Screen Resolution of 1024×768 or more 2. Atleast 200 MB free hard disk 3. Atleast 512 MB free RAM The download consists of a single installation file that needs to be run to install the application on your system