50 Examples of Amazon affiliate niche websites in 2020 – Highly Profitable!

By | July 14, 2020

Amazon Affiliate Sites

If you are planning to build an amazon affiliate niche site or want to improve an existing one, then take a look at some of the other websites in your niche to get bright ideas.

Websites ranking well is an indication that google likes them and so you can get some insight into what kind of content google would like to see. In general google likes websites with lots of useful content that satisfies readers.

Take a closer look at your competitors to get topics and content ideas and how to structure your article. Next step would be write content on your own niche site or blog following these ideas and inspirations. It takes time but observing your competitors’ success is the best way to find the right approach to your own success.

Here are some excellent examples of amazon niche websites that you can follow and learn from. Take a look at some of the websites from your niche,

1. Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear includes camping equipments, and accessories along with ourdoor sports accessories as well. Here are some example of niche sites promoting outdoor stuff.




2. Power Tools

Power tools are used by engineers and workers in various construction jobs. There include drills, laser measuring devices etc. Its a great niche with a huge online market.



https://toolinspector.com/ – Reviews various products like reciprocating saws, belt sanders router tables, drill presses, electric chainsaws, angle grinders. Products sell quite well online and if you have a good understanding of engineering then this niche is a must try.

3. Home Improvement Tools


https://pooljudge.com/ – Pool related equipment

4. Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances a perhaps one of the biggest niches. Every household needs these stuff and there a ton of brands and product varieties to promote. To get started in this niche, take a look at some of the websites to get an idea on how to write content.


5. Woodworking

Woodworking is a very popular hobby needs lots of equipments and machines and lots of them are available on amazon. If you are a woodworking enthusiast or have some knowledge of it, then start a affiliate website in this niche.

https://www.woodroutersreviews.com/ – Site on various kinds of wood routers and best picks.


https://firstwoodworker.com/ – Reviews products like routes, jigsaws, drill press, hammers, oscillating tools etc.

https://www.woodworknation.com/ – Reviews all kinds of woodworking equipments and has lots of guides.

6. Gardening Tools

Gardening is not just a hobby, but a lot of people grow actual food in their backyards. And there are lots of equipments that are available for gardening from small to big. Amazon sells a lot of such equipments.

If you have a website on gardening where you teach people how to grow stuff, you can also add review articles related to various gardening machinery and equipments. This would be a great way to generate more passive income from your gardening blog.

If you are planning to start a gardening blog, then check out these niche websites to get an idea as to how to structure and layout your gardening website, for the best results


7. Tech Niche

Well, the tech niche is a no brainer. There are tons of tech gadgets that everybody uses all days. And people read reviews online when buying such tech gadgets. These include computers accessories like headphones, laptops and general tech gadgets like smart watches, photography drones etc. The list is huge. Check out these websites to learn more.


Tech niche is also a very competitive niche. There are lots and lots of sites reviewing computer accessories and gadgets. So you would have to make a smart content strategy to rank your website.

8. Baby and kid products

Baby niche is a huge market with thousands of different kind of products. Babies need special care and so there are special products and gadgets for them. There are babies and moms all the time so this is season-independant niche that can be promoted all the year round.

However you do need to have some understanding on the subject before recommending products.


9. Industrial Products

https://weldinginsider.com/ – Covers mostly welding equipments.

10. General

These sites review products from multiple categories.


11. Large sites

Here are some of the largest review sites that are very popular. They also get a ton of traffic as well.

Wirecutter website

https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/ – Wirecutter a big review site. Its owned by NewYork Times and they review almost all kinds of products.

https://www.toptenreviews.com/ – TopTenReviews is another big review site that builds product review tables as well as review articles on all kinds of products.



If you are outsourcing content from writers, then it would be a great idea to show these websites to your staff writers so that they can learn the exact writing style needed for affiliate websites.

Looking at the content on your competitors’ website is just one way of researching the niche. If you want to study your competitors’ site in great details, I recommend that you use an intelligence tool like Semrush.

With Semrush you can find out what keywords the other sites are ranking for and what other potential keywords you can target on your on niche site. The golden rule is to target low competition keywords that are easy to rank for without building backlinks.

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