Blog Income Report – How I made $8,569 in May 2021 – Top Tips and Lessons

By | December 28, 2022

Welcome to yet another blog income report on my blog.

If you don’t already know, an income report is where a blogger tells about his earnings for a given month or period of time.

Your next thought might be, why would someone reveal their earnings so openly ? Wouldn’t that invite robbers. Ha Ha!

There are actually several reasons, and an important one is to document my journey to motivate others into believing that blogging is a real legitimate way to build a source of online income.

Its a real online income that takes time to build but gives real results if you are willing to put in the effort. Okay so lets get into this month’s earnings.

Income Report – Breakdown and expenses

Lets get straight to this months earnings from various sources.

  • Amazon Affiliate – $5316
  • Display ADS – $3253

The month of may 2021 has seen a drop from the previous month. This is due to decline in traffic, which resulted from google releasing its Product Review Update, which requires product review articles to adhere to stricter standards in terms of quality.

More about it here:

This particular update has affected sites that publish product review articles for amazon products. On my tech blog the top earning source is the amazon affiliate program and I publish a lot of review articles which generate the revenue.

As you might have noticed that I earn from 2 sources only. One is affiliate marketing and the other is display ads.

Always keep in mind that the profit is not what goes into your pockets. You have to pay taxes as well. Consult a chartered accountant if you don’t know about that.

Most of the amazon affiliate income comes from my niche blog where I write about technology. Its an old blog where I have been blogging for past many years and I also have hired writers to write for me.


Sites publishing amazon product reviews need to be more careful about their content. Previously sites with long form (long article) content could rank easily even if the content was not original enough.

Google now puts more stress on the content to be original and research based rather than just re-purposed content that summarises product description.

This is the most important lesson from this particular google update.

So if you are running an amazon affiliate site, then make sure that you write well researched content that answers real questions for the the customers and presents useful analysis that helps the reader to understand the product better.

Future Goals

Looking forward from here, I have set the following goals for myself:

Monthly income: $10,000

You might ask how I plan to do it. The answer is very simple. By publishing more content on my site and growing it. The bigger the audience on your website, the more money your site makes.

At this point I also planning to start some other blogs as well, to work in other niches beside tech and diversify my income sources.

Did you start Blogging ?

Blogging is a great way to make some extra money online or even full time online income.

1. If you are a college student looking for some extra cash to support your education
2. You are a work-from-home mom looking for side hustles to make money online.
3. You are an entrepreneur who wants to start an online business.

Blogging is for everyone! Thousands of people blog everyday and have found success that have changed their lives for ever.

Take your first step today. Check out my free course where I offer one-to-one free mentorship for those who take action.

What do you think ?

So that was my story for the month. If you have any feedback or questions let me know in the comments below, or contact me directly.

You can ask me anything about blogging, affiliate marketing and making money online and I would be happy to assist you with whatever little knowledge I have.

I wish all my readers success with blogging.

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