How to get “related keywords” from Google using SeoStack

By | January 22, 2016

Related keyword searches

Related keyword searches appear at the bottom of the search results in Google. These are the search terms that are highly related and relevant to your current search term and are being searched by users.

Google related keyword searches

Google related keyword searches

Related keywords provide a comprehensive overview of what people are looking for. This further helps discover great and unique content ideas for new blog posts and articles. That’s what marketers need, more topics to spam Google 🙂

Get related keywords from Google using SeoStack

SeoStack can fetch related keyword searches from Google and Bing. Upto 8 related keywords are fetched for each seed keyword. For best results, provide a list of multiple keywords to generated upto 8x more keywords.

Download and install SeoStack.

1. Launch SeoStack
2. Click Tools > Related Keywords
3. Enter list of seed keywords on the left box. Select Google as the source. Click Start

Fetching related keywords from Google is takes some time, because the tool has to make a real human like query to for each keyword and then read the related keywords on the page.

Generate search volume and cpc data

Once the keywords have been generated, save them to a list. Click on the Save to List button at the bottom.

Next open the list from the keyword list box on right.
Select the newly generated keywords.
Click the “Get Volume Data” button at the bottom and click start.

It will now fetch search volume data and cpc from Keyword Planner and save it along-size the keywords in the list. With the search volume data you can pick out keywords with a better traffic potential.

More keywords

Google provides keyword data in many different ways. Besides related keywords, you also have keyword suggestions and keyword ideas from keyword planner.

SeoStack can get keyword suggestions from many search engines including Google. Read more here.

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How to get “related keywords” from Google using SeoStack
  1. steve b

    I’m test driving SEOStack software now, it’s very slick, pretty straight forward to use. I hope the full version is going to be reasonably priced for us non-business folk that only have a blog that makes 5cents a week 🙂

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