How to get keyword ideas from Youtube with SeoStack

By | December 3, 2015

youtube keyword research tool

Get on Youtube – the 2nd largest search engine

Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google, making it the most powerful content marketing platform after Google, though with a different kind of content that is videos.

People search videos for almost everything like reviews, how-tos etc. This has enabled businesses to use it successfully as a marketing platform and generate leads and sales.

This post shows you how to do keyword research on youtube to find the most potential keywords to drive targeted traffic in big volumes to your site.

SeoStack suggestion tool

Although there are plenty of web based tool out there that can scrape keyword suggestions from youtube, in this tutorial we shall be using SeoStack which is lot more powerful.

It can not only fetch keyword ideas from youtube, but also supports using wildcard, and gets volume data using keyword planner in one place.

If you have not already done so, download SeoStack from now and start using it.

1. Generate keyword ideas from Youtube

1. Click on Tools > Suggestions.
2. A tab will popup, type the keywords in the left box
3. Select Youtube as the keyword source, and click Start.

youtube keyword suggestions

youtube keyword suggestions

Within a few seconds the table on the right should get filled with lots of keywords. These keywords are fetched by adding alphabets and numbers to the source keyword and make Youtube generate suggestions around them.

2. Get search volume data for the keywords

After having generated the keywords, click Save to List button at the bottom and save all keywords in a list. The list name should appear on the right side panel where all keyword lists are listed.

Now open the list. You can see the keywords that were generated in the previous tab using Youtube suggestions.

1. Click on any row on the data grid, press Ctrl+A to select all rows.
2. Click the “Get Volume” button at the bottom and click Start.

youtube keywords search volume

youtube keywords search volume

Now this tool will get the search volume data from Keyword Planner. Keep in mind that these volume numbers are for Google search and not Youtube search. However the relative differences in the numbers can always help to decide which keyword would work better.

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