How to get keywords from Ebay using SeoStack

By | March 2, 2016

ebay keyword tool

Keyword suggestions from Ebay

Ebay is another popular ecommerce site like amazon that sells almost all kinds of products. Its a great place discover keyword ideas, since lots of people search for products on ebay.

Whenever you search something on, it shows a dropdown listing related searches to whatever you have typed in. This keyword suggestion feature can be used to get keyword ideas quickly around any product.

ebay keyword suggestions box

ebay keyword suggestions box

Simply type “product name a”, “product name b” …… upto z and you shall see lots of keyword phrases coming up based on the input. These are the keywords that are popular and that is why ebay is showing them.

However doing the whole thing by hand will take quite some time. So we shall use SeoStack to automate the entire process. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Get keyword suggestions using Free SeoStack Chrome Extension

The SeoStack chrome extension is a free tool that generates long tail keyword ideas from various search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon and Ebay.

Here is a quick screenshot –

Get keywords from youtube using seostack chrome extension

Install SeoStack Chrome Extension

Simply feed a seed keyword and select Ebay as the search engine and click start. It will then produce upto 300 keyword ideas around the seed keyword.

Once you have generated enough keywords, head over to Google keyword planner and feed in the keywords over there to get the search volume and cpc data.

2. Get keyword suggestions using SeoStack

You can also use the SeoStack desktop software to generate keywords from Ebay. If you haven’t already done so, download SeoStack and install it onto your machine. Then launch it.

Download SeoStack Desktop version

To grab keywords from ebay click on Tools > Keyword Suggestions inside SeoStack.

1. Enter seed keywords in the box on left.
2. Select Ebay as keyword source.
3. Click the Search button.

Almost instantly, keywords would start appearing on the right side table. All these are fresh keywords directly from Ebay. Here is a quick screenshot.

ebay keyword suggestions

ebay keyword suggestions

Get search volume and cpc data for keywords

After generating the keywords, click “Save to List” and save the keywords to a list. Unless you do so, the keywords will vanish on closing the software.

After saving to list, open the list by double clicking the list on the right pane. You shall notice that the Volume column is filled with 0.

1. Click on any keyword. Press Ctrl+A to select all keyword.
2. Click “Get Search Volume” button at the bottom
3. Click Start.

After a few minutes, the volume and cpc column would be filled with data. Here is a screen shot.

ebay keywords search volume

ebay keywords search volume

Now you have the volume and cpc data along with the entire list of keywords. Choose the keywords that suit best to your content strategy.


How to get keywords from Ebay using SeoStack

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